Excel chart and graph


Excel chart and graph is intended primarily to simplify Excel chart creation and help minimize refinement works involved after a chart is produced. You can do further refinement utilizing versatility and capability provided by Excel.
Everything else other than source data range is supposed to be defined later after a chart is created initially in Excel built[in chart creation process.

In contrast, Excel chart and graph proposes early definition of chart elements rather than late definition featured with built-in Excel chart process.

Base 14 Excel charts
Clustered column, Stacked Column, Line with markers, Area, X-Y plot, Pie diagram, Radar, Combo, Waterfall, Tornado, Histogram, statistics, Rundown and S-curve, Scatter Plot
Crane Capacity diagram Skyline
Combines the physical dimension chart with load capacity table into one chart and check the capability of handling items skyline diagram displaying elements likened to Downtown Skyline
Regression Math Equation
Identify an equation with minimum deviations, R2 statistics, to find the best-fit equation, Create math equation curve, to solve the root of the equation and calculate the area under the curve

Ribbon user interface

This program takes advantage of the Ribbon user interface.

<b>Excel chart and graph</b> RibbonX user interface

System Requirements

This program requires Microsoft Excel 2007, Excel 2010, Excel 2013, Excel 2016 or later.


The Excel chart and graph add-in is a shareware and you can download free for your use.

Download and Install

Download Zip file consisting of a program file, a demo file and an user guide in Word.

Download Excel Chart and Graph
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